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Spice Group C parts

spice group c parts

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Ferrari V12 pistons

ferrari v12 pistons

Brand new, standard 77mm bore size. 

Cosworth manufactured. 

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Ferrari 430 Challenge parts (new and used)

ferrari 430 challenge parts (new and used)


Eg. wheel rims, throttle motor, wheel bearings, driveshafts, F1 pump unit etc.

Please email or call to see if we have the part you need.

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Ligier JS P3 2016 LMP3

ligier js p3 2016 lmp3

Nissan VK50 engine, X-trac gearbox.

Supplied new to Graff Racing for the 2016 season.

Chassis # 12.

Purchased from Graff by the previous owner in 2018 and used during 2018/19 for a few tests and one race in the Ultimate Cup at Mugello.  During 2021 it did a few tests and two of the Italian Championship races.  Various new parts were fitted and overhauls undertaken during 2021/22 and there is low mileage on these parts: new clutch, driveshafts overhauled, shock absorbers overhauled, hub bearings rebuilt, new brake discs, brake calipers overhauled, new brake bells, radiators & cooler overhauled, new starter motor, new gearbox, new spark plugs, new ignition coil.

In addition the Megaline had a full service and the gearbox actuator was rebuilt in 2019.

During 2023 a new fuel cell has been fitted (valid to June 2028); the steering rack has been rebuilt by Ligier; fire extinguisher serviced; exhaust overhauled, painted and new silencers; PKM dampers serviced, parts crack tested.  Heated windscreen.

Has had new vinyl wrap to original Graff 2016 colour scheme.

Comes with 3 sets of wheels.


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